Spanish Marketing Campaigns

Why Choose 24-7 Abogados

The rapidly-growing Latino market remains the most underserved market in the U.S. for legal services. 

1st generation Latinos don’t often have great resources available to them for legal help when they have accidents that result in injury. They need medical care and they need a lawyer who will guide them through the process and work diligently to get them fair compensation.

Latinos are injured at work at a far higher rate than American workers, as they often do the most dangerous physical jobs and use power machines: landscaping, construction, and related fields.

Latinos respond well to advertising if they feel they can trust the person in the ad. Our research shows that trust levels with this community are the highest if you are a local lawyer, do not charge for the confidential consultation, and only get paid if the case is successful.

We have been marketing to the Latino community for the past decade and have seen exponential annual growth. We firmly believe that as a personal injury lawyer, you must have a Spanish-speaking presence. Why would you ignore a huge market that needs your services?

There are two elements to our strategy for your success:

1/ We create a unique campaign focused on this target market segment. There are multiple ways we can do this, which we will discuss you with as we review the strengths of each. 

2/ We leverage other traditional and social media assets to convey your message in a clear and powerful way to your actual audience. Far too often these messages get misfired, dramatically minimizing the potential impact of your campaign. 

Our work doesn’t end here. Reach out to 24-7 Abogados today to learn how our experienced legal marketing pros can help you set up the Latino market campaign you’ve always wanted.

-Matt Salvato, Co-Founder

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